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Nedlands Psychotherapy is a group of Clinical Psychologists who specialise in the practice of psychotherapy. Started by Andrew Relph in our original site in Hampden Road we are now situated in the Professional Centre in Chelsea Village. The special focus which we all share has been our working with children and adolescents, which normally means dealing with families and relationships. However, all of us are also adult and individual psychotherapists. Our associate Jennifer Bamber-Mayes (Educational Developmental Psychologist) specialises in educational assessments which often assist with understanding the difficulties of young people.

While our profession as Clinical Psychologists focuses our understanding on the psychological dimension of individuals and of relationships, we often collaborate with medical practitioners (especially psychiatrists and pediatricians) in our work. Medicare and private health funds offer some limited rebates on the psychotherapy we undertake.

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Andrew Relph - Clinical Psychologist

As a Clinical psychologist my main interest has been, and continues to be, in the area of psychotherapy. Most models of psychotherapy have been of interest to me and they all continue to inform my practice. I adopt both an individual (intra-psychic) and an inter-personal (relational) frame for all of my work.

Some of my thoughts about psychotherapy have been outlined in several articles published in the professional literature. Most recently: The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy 2008 29(4) 211-215. Exploring: An Essay. A recently published book Not Drowning, Reading. Fremantle Press 2012 also articulates some of my ideas about the psychotherapy relationships.

Andrew Relph B.A. Hons., M.A. (Clin. Psych.)
- Currently not taking any new referrals.

Publications by Andrew Relph

Sue McDonald - Clinical Psychologist

In over 25 years of practice as a Clinical Psychologist I have specialised in psychotherapy with children, adults and families.

A process of clarification and understanding can increase awareness of how and why someone behaves and feels as they do, and allow for change and development. Family patterns, cognitive processes and life experiences can all be explored in the therapy room, often allowing for greater understanding of oneself, changes in behavior and improvements in relationships.

I was awarded my masterís degree from Murdoch University in 1984, and since then have continued to study in the areas of individual psychotherapy and family therapy. Each individual is unique, and I draw on my studies and experience to assist with a range of issues including depression, anxiety and family issues.

Sue McDonald M.App. Psychology., M.A.P.S.

Jennifer Bamber-Mayes - Educational & Developmental Psychologist

I initially trained as a primary school teacher and worked in a range of schools before my interest in children and learning led me back to the University of WA to pursue a psychology degree followed by a Masterís program in educational and developmental psychology. On graduating I began working as a school psychologist with the Non Government Schools Psychology Service and then gradually moved into private work. I have been associated with this private practice group for 11 years. Most of my referrals relate to school issues such as intellectual and learning disabilities, academic underachievement, gifted and talented identification and management, anxiety about school, behaviour problems and parenting. I also provide the Cogmed Working Memory computer training program as an accredited coach.

Jennifer Bamber-Mayes M.Psych. (Applied Developmental), Dip. Teach., B.Ed. M.A.P.S., C.E.D.P.

Trevor Rule - Clinical Psychologist

My particular skills and interests as a psychotherapist are in assisting people to address psychological issues such as fears and worries, low mood, trauma, and interpersonal relationship difficulties. I also enjoy the challenge of working with more complex issues that may be present in the context of developmental concerns, physical health difficulties, or alcohol or other substance use.

I have been fully registered as a Clinical Psychologist for over fifteen years. In that time I have had a great deal of experience working with children, young people, families and adults. I have worked previously in the Public Sector in both Child and Adolescent Mental Health Centres and Adult Mental Health services. My approach is focused on working with my client(s) to understand the factors contributing to their distress and/or concern(s) and then agree on a path that will consider and implement possible solutions. I also offer supervision to other psychologists, including supervision for clinical endorsement.

Trevor Rule M.Psych. (Clinical), M.A.P.S.

Trevor has relocated his practice to Melbourne, if you would like his contact details please telephone our rooms on 9386 9992.

Jane Faulkner - Clinical Psychologist

I completed my postgraduate training in clinical psychology at the University of Western Australia in 1995 and then worked in Child and Adolescent mental health for 3 years before moving to work in the United Kingdom. In the UK†I was based in London and worked for approximately 10 years in several specialist eating disorder services assessing and treating children, adolescents and adults who had a range of eating, and related, difficulties. †

I then returned to Perth and, while raising my children, have done some part-time work at the Centre for Clinical Interventions (CCI) on the Eating Disorder Team, supervised clinical psychology trainees at the University of WA and have worked in private practice at Nedlands Psychotherapy since 2009. †

I'm pleased to accept referrals covering a wide range of issues but also have a special interest in adolescents and adults with eating difficulties and/or problems with weight management. †

I currently offer appointments on Monday, Friday, and Saturday.

Jane Faulkner B.Sc. (Hons), M.Psych. (Clinical), M.A.P.S.

Krystyna Glinski - Clinical Psychologist

I have been working part-time at Nedlands Psychology since 2009 and I appreciate the diversity of the clients who access therapy with us at the practice. People come to us with a whole range of struggles and experiences that they aren't sure how to cope with and they use the therapy to find a way forward that is meaningful to them. Typically the struggles people tell me about are to do with anxiety, depression, emotions, trauma, stress, trouble sleeping, eating pattern disturbances, low self-worth, relationship tensions, grief and loss. Although these things can present as problems in our lives I am also struck by how much they are part of what is means to be human, and therefore something we can all relate to, and work though, in some way. I enjoy working with young people (children and adolescents) as well as adults, families and couples. I also have worked in the public mental health sector since 2005 and continue to work part-time for the Health Department of WA. I completed my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology at The University of Western Australia in 2005.†

Krystyna Glinski B.Sc. (Hons), M.Psych. (Clinical), M.A.P.S.

Krystyna will be on extended long service leave from April 2016. If you would like recommendations about who to see in Krystynaís absence, please contact our rooms on 9386 9992.

Clare Pigliardo - Clinical Psychologist

My particular interest is working with individuals undergoing life transitions where feelings of loss, grief or uncertainty arise. I have an appreciation of the differences and similarities that exist amongst us; and seek to bring an open, curious and compassionate approach to therapy so that the individual can align with what is meaningful for them.

Clinical experience and training has focused on helping those who present with medical or health concerns (such as cancer, chronic pain, and traumatic injuries) along with mental health difficulties (such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, and adjustment).

I am passionate about addressing current concerns, whilst raising an awareness of underlying patterns that may impact on ones sense-of-self, health, relationships, work, and mood. Therapeutic approaches are used according to the individuals need, which may include Schema Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness-based approaches.

Following post-graduate training at the University of Western Australia, I have worked in a variety of public and private health settings across Perth and Melbourne. Currently, my time is balanced between working in private practice and at a tertiary public hospital in Perth.

Clare Pigliardo BA (Hons). M.Psych (Clinical). MACPA

Claudia Lazzari - Clinical Psychologist

My work as a Psychologist often involves talking collaboratively with people to make sense of the difficulty that brings them to therapy, and then to explore their hopes for how things can be different. We are then able to think about and experiment with alternative possibilities for change that is meaningful to them.

I have experience in, and enjoy working therapeutically with children, adolescents, adults and families. My particular interest is in family therapy. I draw on several therapeutic models to assist my clients, and I keep relationships and emotions at the forefront of my work.

I have worked as a psychologist since 2002 in several clinical settings, including adult mental health, child and adolescent mental health, hospital, community and private sectors. In 2009 I completed a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology at Curtin University. I have since completed a postgraduate qualification in systemic family therapy at the Systemic Consultation Centre in Perth.

Claudia Lazzari, B.Sc.(Hons), M.Psych. (Clinical).

Aimee Tapp - Clinical Psychologist

I believe that everyone has the innate capacity to grow and change, and I work with people to help them better understand and work through what holds them back. Therapy can help to increase awareness of thoughts, behaviour and emotions and how they have been influenced by past and present experiences. This heightened awareness allows for greater choice and flexibility, enabling people to work through difficulties and increase their capacity for fulfilling relationships and lives rich with personal meaning.

I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Western Australia in 2002 before travelling extensively and experiencing many different cultures. I then completed my doctorate in psychology at the University of Western Australia in 2010. I have worked in private practice as well as in the public mental health sector. I see children, adolescents, adults and families for a range of difficulties including depression, anxiety, family and relationship difficulties, eating disorders, body image issues/ relationship with food, emotional trauma, stress management and personal development. I draw from a range of therapeutic approaches to tailor therapy to each individual.

Aimee is currently living in Dunsborough and is on extended leave.

Aimee Tapp B.A. (Hons), D.Psych. (Clinical), M.A.P.S.

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